Groups And Events


Mobile Care Health brings care to the whole group and event. From botox to urgent care and everything in between. We work with wedding parties and planners. Whether you need botox, fitting into the dress of your dreams, or IV therapy for recovery after the party, we can help. Our bridal shower parties start with Botox and champagne, add GHK-Cu/BPC-157/Oxytocin cream for your bridesmaids. This cream is enriched with antioxidants, the healing power of copper, and healing collagen with BPC-157. Allow us to return the following morning with IV therapy for your bachelorette party.



We know you have the dress of your dreams picked out, we can help you fit into your dress throughout the fitting process, safely. Avoid crash diets, stimulants, or excessive caffeine. Mobile Care Health provides medical guided weight loss over 3 to 6 months, using semaglutide, AOD9604, lipotropic injections, and AOD9604 cream. Want to include other members of the bridal party? Ask us about group rates.



Need recovery after an epic bachelor or bachelorette party in Denver? We have you covered with mobile service, nausea medication, and local experts.


When guests of all ages fly into Denver for your special day, let us help you take expert care of them. Mobile Care Health offers COVID testing/treatment oxygen, IV therapy, urgent/primary care and so much more. Give us a call and let us know how we can help. 720-541-9570

As Seen on The Knot


We offer botox by the vial, 50units or 100units. Grab your friends and let us know how many vials you need and we come to you for botox treatment in the comfort of your home. Currently available only in the Denver Metro Area.

Give us a call or email to get started.



Corporate groups visiting Denver often require COVID testing and treatment. Mobile Care Health offers RT-PCR testing for COVID in your hotel room with results in 30 minutes. Need treatment? We have that covered as well with monoclonal infusions or preventative treatment. Doing something special for the C- Suite? We bring infusion therapy to execs, focusing on recovery and prevention of illness.


Whether you are on tour or a resident artist, Mobile Care Health offers an array of Rock Doc services from the hotel room to backstage. We understand the implications of a sick or injured artist while on tour. This means we are able to treat and hopefully prevent any cancelations. Our team provides full-service urgent care, including labs, imaging, rapid tests, on-site antibiotics, various medications, IV therapy, and local experts, all delivered discreetly and professionally. This includes COVID testing and treatment. We also offer primary care services for groups on tour. Need a medication refill or labs? We come to you so you can avoid an overpriced and inconvenient urgent care visit. What if I'm not a rock star? No problem! We can help your group stay on track with the same services while visiting the mile-high city.

Rock Doc care in 34 states. Mobile Care Health offers a comprehensive plan for principles on tour. Our plan starts with a complete wellness assessment at your home or on tour. This allows us to know you and take care of you while on the road.


Planning an event in Denver or Colorado and need first aid or medical professionals on-site? Mobile Care Health offers first aid for festivals with local experts. We provide Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, PAs, Paramedics, and EMTs, all licensed and familiar with event medicine. We coordinate with local EMS agencies and build a team of event medics based on your needs. From concert venues to movie sets, our team is ready. Need a higher level of care on-site for your artist or dignitary? Mobile Care Health offers advanced providers with urgent care equipment, capable of handling almost any emergency. Call or text us today to get started planning your event. 720-540-0612