Tired of being shuffled from one tiny room to the next to see your doctor or NP? Do they look at you or just stare at the computer your whole visit and type? Don’t feel like you are getting much out of seeing your provider and not sure what you are paying for these days? We thought the same thing. We keep our client base very small so we can provide expert care to you 24/7. Appointments on your schedule, telehealth access, and resolving emergencies are always a phone call or text away.

We’re just a call or chat away, ready for when you need us

Start your plan before 2024 price adjustment

Primary Concierge Plan

Single/Couple Plan
  • Concierge annual physical exam
  • Annual biometric screening labs
  • Annual advanced lipid panel and insulin resistance testing
  • Routine labs, including vitamin levels
  • Annual mobile pulmonary function testing
  • Annual EKG
  • Routine labs and visits every 6 months and management of chronic medical problems.
  • Option to include beyond PrEP
  • 3 Urgent care visits a year per person, with routine urgent care labs
  • 4 Telehealth calls per month
  • Service within 20 miles of 80224
$4,900/7,900 /year


Glad you asked, we want to take care of you from head to toe, including physical and mental health issues.