Pellets offer a safe and effective method for the delivery of testosterone and estradiol. The pellets are made in a sterile compounding pharmacy and compressed very tightly to hold testosterone or estradiol in pellet form. These pellets are about 1cm in length and 0.25cm radius, in other words very small. The pellets are made with a binding agent, either stearic acid or cholesterol. Mobile Care Health uses cholesterol pellets, as they have fewer complications. Don't worry its a very small amount of cholesterol, just enough to keep the pellets "sticky". This reduces the risk of the pellets coming out after insertion. Pellets come in various doses and we also have pellets that are testosterone/anastrozole to help reduce rising estradiol levels in men. Your provider will work with you on the dosing and timing of pellet placement.

All of our pelleting programs include labs 8 weeks after each pelleting and just before the next pelleting. The best part is we come to you for labs and pellets. Get started with a free phone consult below and checkout are FAQs.

Hormone Balancing


We start with a telehealth consult, that includes your medical history and a hormone survey. Next we come to you for fasting labs. We check a lot before starting any replacement therapy. We want to ensure that you do not have another issue causing your symptoms. After your labs result in 1-2 days we talk to you about replacement options that work for you. We offer creams, troches, injections and pellets. From there we setup your first pelleting.

We are located in Denver and we come to you! It’s in our name. Mobile Care Health offers mobile hormone pellets in the Denver area

We offer 3 plans for pellets. 

  • Monthly with supplements
  • Monthly without supplements
  • Annual

Yes! Women have pellets every 4 months and men have pellets placed every 6 months. Women have much smaller dose of testosterone pellets.

In hormone replacement we use multiple supplements to increase the efficacy of replacement. Some places require that you purchase their supplements at significant expense. Seems shady right? You can orders yours online or through Mobile Care Health. We are not here to sell supplements so we keep the cost low.

Nope! We offer a monthly plan without supplements. 

We offer monthly or annual plans based on distance from 80206. We come to you for labs and pellets! You can see our pricing for men and women. 

Yes we do! We can also provide a super bill (its not super!) for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance. 

The pellets are inserted into your love handles normally. Sometime we need to insert them into a different area if you are missing a love handle. We use lidocaine to numb the area. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes and is completed in your home or office.

Nope! However you will not be bath, use a hot tub or pool for one week. After pellets you will need to take a week off from the gym as well.  

We offer appointments until 10pm MT at night and on weekends. Crazy right? It’s as if people are busy during the day or they work nights and need their provider to understand their schedule.🤔

Yes! You can download android and ios apps.

You can book an appointment online here. You can also text us at 719-356-5410

Yes! We offer points with every purchase, on referal, review and your birthday.