Fertility Window



Starting a family? Did you know that the chances of becoming pregnant without any assistance range from only 15-20%. Couples may try for months or years without success, turning to IVF.

Your Fertility Window

Your fertility window begins the day an egg is released from your ovary. Having intercourse the day before your fertility window starts and for the next few days represents the best possibility of becoming pregnant.

Your fertility window can change from month to month, and is difficult to predict until now. Women no longer need to use a calendar, temperature checks, ovulation prediction kits, or self-assessment of vaginal mucus to predict and increase their chances of pregnancy. Mobile Care Health offers fertility window prediction through bi-monthly laboratory assessments and a unique AI program. Through our partnership with Fertilai your promise of pregnancy without medications or fertility treatments increases.

Our Program

Our program starts with a telehealth consultation with one of our providers. We will review your medical history, order your first set of labs, and start your Fertilai membership. Every two weeks, you will complete a blood draw while tracking your menstrual cycle in the app. This allows us to narrow down your fertility window. Each month your provider will meet with you via telehealth, guiding your journey to pregnancy.

Your Fertility Journey


Fertility Prediction