Tirzepatide With B12 FAQs


In July of 2022, a study was published describing the weight loss benefits of tirzepatide. Participants in the study lost on average over 20% of their body weight.

It is currently sold under the brand name Mounjaro. However, branded tirzepatide can be expensive, unavailable, or unable to be covered by insurance. Tirzepatide the active ingredient, is compounded with vitamin B12 at a fraction of the cost and offers the same weight loss benefit.

Key Benefits

Tirzepatide with B12 has three basic mechanisms of action:

Tirzepatide FAQ's
Mobile Care Health offers multiple weight management options. 


Our tirzepatide with B12 program starts with a $79 telehealth consult that includes your medical history and any prior weight loss programs. During this call we screen for any contraindication and review how tirzepatide works. Mobile Care Health requires standard labs in the last 6 months.

After the call you can purchase tirzepatide with B12. Your first order includes injection supplies. Your order is compounded just for you, which can take 1-2 weeks. We ship directly to your doorstep, and when your order arrives, we have a videos for injection training. 

It may sound to good to be true, but we want to work with you to meet your goals! Other places place you on a standard protocol with regular increases in your dosage. We do not follow a dosing protocol. We check with you every week through a survey and monthly via Telehealth. We want you to know your side effects, how much weight you’ve lost, and your weight loss goals going forward. Then we, both provider and patient, make the right decision about changing your dosage. 

Weekly (Check-In) Survey – Included

Monthly Call – Included

Labs – Not Included

No. Tirzepatide with B12 is for patients who need to lose >20lbs. 

Nope! We meet for a  virtual consultation, ensure that tirzepatide with B12 treatment is safe for you, write the prescription, and have your order of compounded tirzepatide with B12 shipped to your door. 

Yes! Mobile Care Health does not accept any insurance, however we do accept HSA payments. 

Nope! We charge by the vial of tirzepatide with B12. The charge includes all of you telehealth visits, compounded medication, supplies and injection training. You can sign up for a 4 or 6 week interval subscription, however this is not required.

Shipping is not included in the purchase. We ship overnight with UPS with ice packs and signature required. 

Terzepatide with B12 may be ordered after your consult.

For patients who have never been on tirzepatide with B12 before you will start with the 2ml vial. This will last 4-5 weeks. After this vial your dose is likely to increase, and you will need to order a larger size vial. 

 2ml Vial (Week 1-5)  $369
Vitamin B12 500mcg/mL + Tirzepatide 7000mcg/mL 

5ml Vial (35mg of tirzepatide with B12) $715. At the 5mg dose this will provide doses for 7 weeks. If your dose increases to 7.5mg this vial will provide 4.6 weeks of dosing. 

Weekly (Check-In) Survey – Included

Monthly Call – Included

Labs – Not Included

Terzepatide with B12 may be ordered after your consult.

The 2ml vial will last 5 weeks and is for patients who have never taken tirzepatide with B12 before. 

The 5ml provides:

  • 7 weeks at 5mg/week
  • 4.5 weeks at 7.5mg/week
  • 3.5 weeks at 10mg/week
  • 2.5 weeks at 12.5mg/week
  • 2 weeks at 15mg/week

Yes we do! We can also provide a super bill (its not super!) for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance. 

Yes, but don’t worry we will teach you how to do this through video training. Tirzepatide with B12 is a once a week subcutaneous injection

We send you everything you need to inject for the first 6 months in one of our peptide kits, direct to your door. If you need a peptide refill kit, this can be purchased for $15. A complete peptide box with a sharps container is $20. 

We require standard labs before starting. If you have completed these in the last 6 months you can upload them to the patient portal. Mobile Care Health allows for you to complete these labs at a LabCorp location or you may complete them with your primary care provider. These include:

  • CBC – Completed Blood Cell Count
  • CMP – Complete Metabolic Panel
  • Fasting Lipid Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Hemoglobin A1C

Mobile Care Health requires labs every 3 months at a minimum. 

Nausea is the most common side effect of tirzepatide with B12. We start everyone off at a low dose and increase as you tolerate the medicine. We work on your schedule instead of a protocol. We also provide you with nausea medication in your peptide kit.

We offer telehealth appointments until 10pm MT at night and on weekends. Crazy right? Its as if people are busy during the day or they work nights and need their provider to understand their schedule.🤔

Yes! You can download android and ios apps.

You can book an appointment online here. You can also text us at 719-356-5410

Yes! We offer points with every purchase, on referal, review and your birthday. 

We ship by UPS, checkout our map for where we ship here. We include shipping insurance for lost or stolen packages only. In summer we ship with ice packs to keep everything nice and cool.