Do you feel judged or shamed when you see your provider for PrEP or sexual health care? Do you hold back on telling your provider about all your kinks to avoid sideways glances and eye rolls? Does your doctor know the specific health risks for Gay Men, including; prostate, testicular, and colon cancers. Ready for someone who wants to hear about your kinks without judgment and provide expert care from the comfort of your home. Look no further, from bears to zaddy’s and everyone in between, we have you covered. Mobile Care is sex-positive, we want you to enjoy sex and keep you safe. Let’s talk about fisting and a plan that works with your sexual lifestyle.


PrEP, STI Care & Expedited Partner Treatment


Have you started on PrEP or need to get started on PrEP with a local provider? Want to avoid the doctor's office, booking an appointment, and calling for results. We know you get enough shade thrown your way at the bar, you do not need that in caring for your health. We are a full-service provider for PrEP, just like your daddy! Full service includes:



The stress of the last year has weighed heavily on everyone, like a bear crushing a twink, sometimes we all need a break and time to process. If you have struggled or are struggling, we want to listen. This means giving you space and time to process and vent your trauma. We know repeated exposure to trauma damages our mental health and as members of the LGBTQ community, the last thing we need is more trauma. Let’s talk.

Ladies we did not forget about you! We are seeking a provider who is versatile and can see our lesbian, transgender, and non-binary folks.