Ketamine FAQs


Ketamine is a dissociative medicine. It is an unblocking medicine when used in mental health. Ketamine helps removes the walls our mind places around trauma or mental illness. When these are removed a licensed and trained mental health professional can use talk therapy to help patients.

Ketamine has a unique effect in that it can work very rapidly, with individuals frequently seeing improvement in their depression within hours. Ketamine offers improvements to levels of anxiety and behavioral pattern of sleep, appetite and energy. Ketamine has also demonstrated benefit in anxiety conditions, including PTSD, and may yield gains to patterns of obsessive thinking or rumination. Coupling these biological effects with Treatment and behavioral change is designed to maximize benefit and sustained gains.


We start with a telehealth consult with a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  The purpose of this consult is to ensure that you and your condition qualifies for ketamine therapy under current guidelines. This consult is completed virtually and lasts one hour. Within 24 hours of completing the consult our team (Mental Health NP, Medical NP and Therapist) will meet to discuss your case. As a team we will determine if you are a good candidate for ketamine therapy. From here we contact you for scheduling if you qualify for KAP. Therapy is completed in your home with a state licensed therapist who is certified in KAP. The first therapy session is without ketamine and may be completed remotely.

If you do not qualify for KAP, we can still help. We offer medication management and talk therapy. We can also refer you local experts and work with your existing mental health team.

We reserve the right to complete on site drug testing for patients seeking KAP. This allows us to provide the most amount of benefit to patients who will truly benefit from KAP. 

No. Mobile Care Health does not accept any insurance at this time. 

No. Our team of medical and mental health professionals works together to provide you the dose needed for each session. 

No. We provide the medication required for each session.

Patients ages 13-18 can be seen with consent of their guardian and a formal referral from the mental health professional recommending KAP.

Yes. Please have them call us at 720-541-9570

No. Mobile Care Health does not offer “an experience”. We provide treatment for patients with mental health conditions. 

No. We offer treatment with licensed therapists with advanced degrees and medical professionals on site during treatment. 

Our team includes therapists, nurse practitioners and nurses. Our medical and mental health team with be with you for your entire treatment. We recommend a member of your family be at home with you during and after treatment should you need anything after we depart. 

Mobile Care Health works with local therapists who are licensed by the state of Colorado and hold a nationally recognized certification in KAP.

Great! We are happy to work with therapist who have experience and certification in KAP. If your therapist has these qualifications give us a call to get started. You will still need to complete a ketamine consult. 

This is determined by you and your therapist during your treatment. Most patients require 6-8 weeks of weekly treatment. Each session lasts 2 hours. 

No problem! We understand that patients will occasional spend more than 2 hours with a therapist during KAP. Your plan will include a set amount of therapy time, usually 12 or 16 hours. We simply deduct the time used in each session. 

No. We use lozenges or intramuscular injections only for KAP. 

We always have a medical professional (NP or RN) with you during treatment. If you have any issues after treatment we are available to help day or night. 

  • Ketamine consult  $300
  • 6 weeks of treatment  $5500
  • 8 weeks of treatment  $7000

Yes we do! We can also provide a super bill (its not super!) for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance. 

Our ketamine consult is completed virtually in about an hour. 

Our therapy sessions are booked for 6-8 weeks with a therapist. On the day of your therapy we will ask you not to eat anything for 6 hours before starting as ketamine may cause nausea. We will come to your home and administer the ketamine and you can start your therapy. When your session starts our medical provider will provide the space that you and the therapist need to have a successful session. 

Yes! You can download android and ios apps.

You can book an appointment online here. You can also text us at 719-356-5410

Yes! We offer points with every purchase, on referal, review and your birthday.